I'm back or whatever.
This is what I look like
These are the photos I took

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Anonymous said: I am currently going out with my one year boyfriend. I always knew that I was into girls but it's making me more and more anxious that i'll never get to experience with girls, obviously. Don't get me wrong I love my man but I'm curious and it makes me sad. Have you ever felt that way before going out with Marta? I admire your courage towards everything by the way, you're an amazing person

Well I was never attracted to girls until I met my girlfriend. When I was with my ex I never thought of dating a girl. But I mean.. If you really wanna “experiment” with a girl talk to your boyfriend about it. But then again, that can break your relationship. I don’t know tbh.

Anonymous said: POP IT LIKE A KITTY CAT

WHY DONT YOU POP IT LIKE A KITTY CAT. I used to say that all the time and dance to it lmao