I'm back or whatever.
This is what I look like
These are the photos I took
I just wish you where here with me I’m lonely and you’re not here (via break-in)

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Bath time with baby


Models Off Duty: Daphne Groeneveld - Street Style, NYFW Spring 2015. 


vdimples said: What do you use in your hair? I have the same type of curly hair as you. I used "mixed textures" but in trying to just see what bother people with curly hair like mine use

I just started using coconut oil in my hair but I use it on my 2nd day curly hair so it’s not dry. But I normally just condition it and let it hair dry. That’s all. Nothing fancy.

Anonymous said: need advice. I told my parents that I got tickets for a concert 7hrs away. I paid 130 for two 6 row tickets that cannot go to waste! I have a place to stay an won't spend a lot of $. I'm in college, I'm 20 & live w/ my parents. After I told them my mom said I couldn't go, so I told her id find my own way to get there. I guess my question is should I go anyways like take a risk & have fun? I mean it doesn't interfere w/ school bein on a Friday & I'm an adult.. I just don't want my mom to hate me

I mean you’re 20 and you should be able to do as you please but you also live under your mothers roof. So you gotta think about that kind of stuff. If I were you I would go and find my own way like you said. I’m not about to waste the money I spent on concert tickets.

Anonymous said: Your CK underwear, what are they? Boxers or? I'm looking for a pair and I love them.

They’re actually my girlfriends. But I got them from Macy’s they’re the boxer briefs.