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julissassy asked: i'm going to be a senior this year in high school, and i need help with my first day to school outfit, im definitely want to wear white converse but idk what will go nice with it ? :/ any ideas?

Anything goes nice with white converses. High waisted shorts with a basic tee or a band tee, cool leggings w/ a oversized t-shirt. Your options are endless. Or you can do a grey or navy long skirt with a knot and a crop top or regular white t-shirt and an oversized cardigan.

artistic-inclination asked: Can I just say that I am so happy that you made a new tumblr? I literally adore you. My apologies for creeping your Instagram all the time. I simply think you're beautiful inside and out. Fuck what the haters say. You're amazing, doll. WERK. 👏👏👏

Aw thank you, pretty lady! And, aha it’s cool.

I’m about to buy hella disposable cameras. I wanna have actual photos to keep.

afitchaeroaehco asked: How would you describe your personality